by Sever The King

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released July 20, 2016



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Sever The King New Jersey

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Track Name: Outbreak
Save me
Am I the only one along this constant climb?

I've waited all this time
Endless thoughts of apprehension
How many seconds can go by without a fucking answer?
I'm starting to realize my being will decay
Rotting within, all I see is black.

Another shout and I'm hoping they'll hear me.

Cocked back And I'm gasping at the bottom.
I can hear them crawling, one by one but no ones stopping
The illusion of serenity has taken over
Mindlessly controlled.

Take down your blinds and shades
Exposing all the lies you hide in darkness
Let them see me.
As I drown in this eternal hell.

Inch by inch I crawl in darkness feeling nothing
But what's ahead of me?
Falsehood and a plate of fiction
Serve it up with a side of lies and mass distortion

I'm thinking why should I even attempt to leave this place
I'm stuck in silence, void of all illusion
Then I hear
Then I feel
All treason and dishonesty
This is the trigger of my outbreak
This is my outbreak
Track Name: Aeon of Annihilation
Now look who's free
I'm awakened, set to kill you all
Start hiding
This is the aeon of annihilation
I've been buried under far too long
Arisen from the depths
You better start fucking running!
Little blind mice you are
See how they run (see how they run)
To the lies of the deceptive ones
They cut off all your tails while claiming they protect instead
But no one fucking cares when They rip off your heads
How many more are there?
There will be none to spare
Relying on the ones who changed you into mindless fools
Wake up and realize you'll never have a chance
You're scared to die, but you've never even lived

(Ben Keller ex-Villains)
Fucked by countless lies, you've wasted all your life
A game for tyrants
Endless laughs, just amusing subjects, worthless prey
Reprisal will now engage

With the eyes set to the sky just searching for a sign
No hope, no guidance
All they recognize is misery (misery)
Baffled and cross eyed
One step (one step) in front of me
I'll take the masses down
Full on execution
All shall burn
No stopping me
I'll take the masses down
Watch as populations crumble
No one is prepared
Watch your soul dissolve and your vision turn to black
Track Name: A Display of Power
I have arrived
Start sounding the alarm that hides your coward eyes
Broken down
Spit right out
I've killed your subjects
All your mindless lab rats died
What's Lifeless now was once your prize

Breach your walls
I've found you hiding in the slime
Never fighting for your feeble presence
Weeping in silence, where's your fucking pride?
I have arrived
Your worthless existence will not be missed
Bow your head and crown me king

Lifeless parasite
(You feed off all)
You feed off all infected human corruption
And now you'll crown me king

You now will scavenge for your barren sense of life that will keep you alive
Oh what a shame it lies beneath all dirt in the pits of hell
Satan's chattel
You are blind and you'll find that your path leads nowhere
I want to hear you squeal
I want to hear you squeal

You are blind and you'll find that your path leads nowhere (x3)
You are blind

(Anthony Izworski of Borderlines)
There's no peace within
Broken limbs and rotting minds
Just dead inside.
I'll watch your body squirm
And now you ll fucking learn that this is genocide.

(John Tsilov of Ocularis)
Summoned forth
Carcass staggered, Gripping the life form
Terrorizing visions

(Charlie and Aaron Chaparian of Sever the King)
Awakened, to bring the wrath upon your broken self (Charlie)
Shattered pieces of this life will be scattered about (Aaron)
Endless starting, gazing but theres nothing there (Charlie)
I’d show you hope, but you really think I fucking care? (Aaron)

(Carmen Gumina of Borderlines)
Crawling from the depths you see the true fate of man
The rotting undead will bow at our feet
To bask in the power of the ancients
To know true pain

(Jake DeZerga of My Iron Heart)
your smell will permeate through the depths
hells inside you welcoming war
this destruction that you arouse
when you inhale
causes the blight ridden man to open his eyes
Track Name: Unstable
Why do you ask for patience?
You know your time is up
Don’t bother pleading for forgiveness
You scum
For you I have no remorse
Her body shook violently
Your smut
10 days rotten waiting in a cellar
for what’s left of you

As I let it build up
I’m slowly starting to fall apart
I wish you could hear the voices
And what they want me to do.

Keep screaming
The world can’t hear you now
I know you’re fading
But don’t close your eyes

Why do you look so surprised
You’ve fed my hatred
Why do you look so surprised
To be dismembered
Why do you look so surprised
Look at what this anger’s done to me
Track Name: The Charlatan
I'll redefine all the back tracks you went
Retracing broken steps
Feeding on lost souls of a fallen race

Now deprived
This world is gone
We all stagger in a product of ashes
Begging for forgiveness

You're nothing more than a regressed charlatan
An imposter
Your fallacies have let you down

Time after time, deceiving those who stood beneath you
Trapped under, you thought they would remain in place

This world is gone

Give me one reason to stop
Nothing will convince me
Bred from violence, now at the top

Keep begging
Nothing will convince me (x2)
Now at the top

We were blinded by a feigned hand
Nothing more than a charlatan

Respond to me
I now control your every move
Crawling for hope is all you'll ever do

Bred from violence, now at the top
This throne is part of me
The dominance of all that's left

Feeding on lost souls of a fallen race

Preeminent leader of this fucked up world
Look at what you've done

Your soul rewarded to the son of perdition
I have accomplished my darkest mission
Track Name: The Curse
A life corrupted by constant mistakes
Why can’t i ever learn?
I never escape (2x)

The only option left, ill embrace the darkness inside of me
This is a farce, a lie, a fucking curse
and now I’m left face down on this earth.

But i have risen,
Risen to become the monster against those who've created me
They'll scream towards the sky (2x)

What do you do, when everything around you becomes a fucking target?
What do you do, when your twisted desires become your own destruction?

You all will learn.
You'll learn the meaning of fear

But they like what I've become
they like the anger i’ve built
but they like what i’ve become
they feed off of the anger

(This is my gift back to the world)
(A world that never gave a fuck)
(This is my gift back to the world)
(A world that has run out of luck)
Track Name: Psychosis
Countless voices haunt my mind
and there’s no way to stop them
I’m sick of sleepless nights
and unfair compromises

help me be set free
im trapped inside this insanity
this is my last chance
im reaching out to all of you
if you want out you must surrender your consciousness
on this you must decide

This graveyard has taken over the world we once knew
Miles and miles of destruction and it still never ends
Self pity won’t help now, everything is gone
look at what you’ve become, look at the things you have done
get out of my head (get us out)(kill yourself) (grab the gun and point it to your head)
Let me goooo!!!!!

i’ve spent too much time contemplating with myself
the constant struggle to free my mind form the cage inside my head
you can’t run from your own demons
you won’t make it far without us
no you won’t make it far without us

this time i won’t let it use me
im not a vessel for your countless mischiefs
you can take me down
but i promise that you will drown with me
i won’t let them take me
this time I’m going to end it
no more will i feel this helpless
i’ve only one solution
ill pull the trigger and escape to serenity.
Track Name: Thanatos
I am he, who’s empire is unconfined
extends to mortal tribes of every kind
whose absence lengthens life
who presence ends
your soul will be dragged down to Hades
In the Elysian fields, you’ll wander endlessly
I am death who conquers all, who shatters worlds(2x)

Stagnated, dead, diseased, and unforgiven
The depths of human filth rotting to the core
A cleansing has been issued
eradicating whats left of you

I am death
I am thanatos

say goodbye to everything
the world you’ve always is under my wrath

Don’t waste your time counting down the days
your time is now
Track Name: Shattered World
Lights out
Another fallen man
Call me the villain, the one that has taken it all
This beast inside will be the solution
Another fallen man, another fallen man
lights out

Slipping away from control
Time to prove the world
This day is not to forget
I make my mark upon the remains

Lights out
Another fallen man
This time were closer to the end of it all
I cannot hide this beast inside
Another fallen man, another fallen man
lights out

Clouds forming over lifeless fields
Rain falling on decaying bodies
Were getting closer to the end
The pieces of man will never be replaced
The blackened atmos shows no sign of mercy
Let it down, let it consume us all

Too late to firefight
Incineration shall begin
The skies will burn us all
This day is not to forget

You now will bask in isolation, desolation
Smallest speck of all creation
The beast will demolish all
I cannot save you
Track Name: Voice of Sanity
So far I’ve come from the silence and scum under this earth
I made it out alone
No one left to challenge me
All life is gone
Taken by force by annihilation
Fading away with final peace
Corruption has abandoned me

I slip away into the night
No turning back, no one in sight

Take my hand
Ill guide you through destruction
Just look around
Its just an introduction

I slip away into the night
No turning back, no one in sight
The remains of life are only left
You can call it my greatest theft

Break away from now
Leave this era of violent crimes
Take the gift of time
Cast away and begin to climb

Dead and gone
All life fades away
Release from me

Dead and gone
All life fades away